Dr.  Mannan is skilled in the prevention and treatment of various sports related problems both on the field and in a clinical setting.  During his fellowship, Dr. Mannan covered various sporting events and teams including, a Minor league baseball (Dayton Dragons), Ice hockey team (Dayton Gems) and arena football (Dayton Silverbacks).  Dr. Mannan also served as team physician for five different Dayton High Schools and covered football events for these teams. Dr.  Mannan hascovered events for Cedarville University and Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio. Throughout his career, Dr. Mannan has covered various wrestling, cross-country, track and field, tennis, golf, basketball, swimming, rowing and softball events. 

Dr. Mannan’s unique skillsets allow him to combine various regenerative and prolotherapy techniques and offer non-surgical options to his patients with a wide range of musculoskeletal problems.



Dr. Mannan has given numerous talks to physicians, athletic trainers and coaches on various topics concerning athletes including life threateningemergencies, skin conditions,and on and off field concussion evaluation and management. In addition, Dr.  Mannan has been actively involved in teaching musculoskeletal medicine to both Emergency Medicine and Primary Care residents.  Dr. Mannan has publishedin respected peer reviewed medical journalcovering various up-to-date topics in Sports Medicine whichhave been considered avaluable reference source to his colleagues in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine.


Contributions to the General Scientific Community

Dr. Mannan worked in a Molecular Biology lab for over two years at Indiana University Bloomington under the guidance of world renowned researcher and Molecular Biologist Dr. Milton Taylor.  Dr. Mannan worked extensively on developing new tumor markers for early identification of breast cancer.  Dr. Mannan developed new DNA libraries utilizing complicated phage display techniques in bacteriophage viruses and identified new potential tumor markers in breast cancer patients. Various other techniques used in Dr. Mannan’s research were tissue/cell culture, gene therapy, protein expression in bacteria E. coli, protein purification, western blots, protein electrophoresis, RT-PCR, PCR, DNA amplification, cloning and immunofluorescence.



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