Osteoarthritis (OA), particularly of the knee, is an extremely common problem in the US. While corticosteroid injection, the so-called “cortisone shot”, has been a mainstay of treatment for many years, in recent years injection of supplemental hyaluronic acid derivatives has become a gold standard, and can be quite beneficial in the treatment of mild, moderate, and in some cases even quite severe OA, and can potentially give patients lasting pain relief formany months.Most insurances readily cover this office procedure. A naturally occurring substance in joints, hyaluronic acid has many properties, including impact disbursement through the joint and anti-inflammatory effects. It may even delay cartilage loss. Viscosupplements are typically injected into affected joints to reduce pain.   Usually three injections are given at weekly interval.  At SRM, we use ultrasound guidance to place all of our injections to ensure proper placement and more successful outcome for our patients.