About Us

Sports and Regenerative Medicine P.C. is dedicated to promoting a higher level of health, functionality and well-being of active individuals of all ages.  At SRM, we understand that physical activity is not only for athletes, but everyone.  To that end, we see it as our mission to get everybody back in the game, be it a little league baseball player who has an overuse problem, an injured college or high school athlete, or a seasoned veteran who is having quality of life issues secondary to the pain from arthritis, rotator cuff or tendonitis. 

We achieve our goals by having a multidisciplinary approach of both traditional and state of the art cutting edge technology in order to diagnose and treat medical and orthopedic problems.  At SRM, you will experience the convenience of having an in suite x-ray and a new high resolution diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound to find the information your doctor needs to determine the best treatment option for you.  Our fellowship trained sports medicine specialists take pride in pursuing non-surgical approaches and utilizing advanced minimally invasive techniques to treat various orthopedic conditions resulting in excellent outcomes.  We invite you to visit SRM for your needs and experience the services that exceed your expectations.